Practice: Eggsperiments


In this playful project you’ll take photographs of eggs in different light situations. It’s best to do this in a dark room with one movable light source.

The purpose of this project is to become familiar with how light interacts with form. Don’t worry about the physics of light. As you move the light around and change the backdrops, you will begin to understand many principles of light & shadow intuitively.

Materials Needed

  • An egg

  • At least one movable light source

  • A dark room

  • A camera or smartphone

  • Backdrops of different materials (fabric, coloured paper, etc.)



  1. Set up your egg in front of a simple background.

  2. Turn off all lights in your room.

  3. Turn on your primary movable light source.

  4. Take photos of the egg in a few different light directions on the simple background.

  5. Then, play! Create different “sets” and types of lighting.

Meet these Challenges

  • Share at least 4 and at most 8 pictures. 

  • Use a different light direction and “set” in each photograph.

  • If you can, please combine 4 photos into one image when you post it.


This project should take about 30 minutes to complete. Warning, this is pretty fun, and you might get carried away :)

Common Mistakes

1) Not changing the light direction much

2) Not changing the environment/background much

🧠 Learn more with feedback

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