The Shading Course

Learn how to draw realistic light & form.

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Schedule Summer 2020
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Material List
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📼 Summer 2020 Feedback
Course Start
49 mins
Feedback - Module 1
(1h 18m 23s)
Feedback - Module 2
(1h 34m 30s)
Feedback - Module 3
(2h 17m 32s)
1 – How to Separate Light & Shadow
What is Light?
4 mins
Separating Light & Shadow
5 mins
Practice: Egg Sketches
3 mins
Practice: Eggsperiments
Practice: Terminator Studies
1 min
2 – How to See Light Effects
Modeling Factors Overview
2 mins
Reflected Light
9 mins
Halftones, Highlight, and Center Light
3 mins
Ambient Light & Occlusion
7 mins
Penumbra and Review
3 mins
Practice: ModFac Hunting
Practice: Simple AO Study
Practice: Complex AO Study
3 – How to Control Values
What are Values?
4 mins
Practice: Value Gradient
Practice: Value Scale
How to Organize Values
19 mins
Practice: Value Study 1
Practice: Value Study 2
Limited Range
7 mins
4 – How to Create Realistic Shading
Inclination and Brightness
8 mins
Common Shading Mistakes
3 mins
Practice: Halftone Quiz
Practice: Identify Halftones
Practice: The Perfect Egg
5 – How to Use Light Probes
Light Probes
3 mins
Matte Surfaces
17 mins
Reflective Surfaces
10 mins
Practice: Light Probes
Practice: De-Highlighting
6 – How to Show Form
What is Form & Structure?
2 mins
Geometric & Organic Form
3 mins
7 Tools for Showing Form
7 mins
Practice: Form Analysis 1
Practice: Form Analysis 2
Practice: Crosshatching
6 mins
7 – How to Invent Light (New)
Halfway-to-Black Shading
7 mins
Practice: HTB Worm
Practice: HTB Head
Practice: Refined HTB Head
Bonus Demos & Paintovers
Digital Cast Painting Sketch
(1h 16m 44s)
Ambient Occl. Paintover
47 mins
Roadmap & Change Log
Change Log